Monday, September 15, 2014

Reflections on my pride in my work in music so far

This month I’m preparing to start my second and final year as a masters student in music composition.

I’ve worked hard for the past several years to carve a niche for myself in music.

I love to make new music. I listen to recordings I’ve made, often with the invaluable help of friends and mentors at school, and I feel like I’ve done good work. I’ve created something of value that I can really appreciate and feel proud to share. I’ve added a little bit of light to the world, illuminating its beauty.

Some of my favorite pieces are not my most recent, but I’m still writing good music. My wish is that I write more and more, and find more and more ways to get out into the world with my positive energy and love of beauty.

I'm incredibly grateful to everyone who has helped me and collaborated with me along the way, and continues to support me in my work. I’ve learned so much, gained so much. I hope you feel similarly. Thank you!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Zephyr (poem)


(word, woven
reaching fronds
  a tree round

Woven-wound and wind-dancing,
a curved tree watches its fronds,
to reach airy conclusions.

A bird, holed up, corroborates
its wit: cotton-leafed wings
whistle the midsummer postprandial breeze.

July, still before a thunder-burst.


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Creating in a VISUAL Mode

Music events need posters to help in getting the word out, and one of the music-related jobs I've enjoyed is getting to design posters for concerts and other music-related events. I thought I would let folks on here know that I have a little "portfolio" set up on my Flickr account, here. Check it out!

Here are a couple of my favorites on there right now...

Opera Organically Masquerade 11x17-proof2 Early Music Winter14 17x11

Something I enjoy is taking an image of a classic work of art and using it to represent a music event. Does art ever affect how you feel about music?